Sunday, April 1, 2012


Sit upright with legs stretched, heels together, palms forceing on the floor by the side of the bottoms.
yoga ustrasana.
  • layer the right leg at the knee and locate the heel under the right bottom.
  • Fold the left leg at the knee and place the heel under the left bottom. 
yoga ustrasana.
  • Stand on the knees making the trunk vertical
  • Recline the body backwards and keep the palms on the soles.
  • slowly untie he palms and return to 3rd point.
  • slowly sit on the heels.
yoga ustrasana.
  • Unfold the left leg and keep it straight.
  • Unfold the right leg and keep it to the side of left leg.
yoga ustrasana Benefits:
  • bendable of needle and blood flow to brain increases and tones up organs viscera and stretvhes  thoracic area.
yoga ustrasana.
  • good for back aches, breathing problems, and gastric troubles.
  • Develops confidence.
Breathe out at whatever time you bend downwards and breathe in air while coming up . normal breathing in the final position.

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