Monday, April 9, 2012


  • yoga shanmukhi mudra ,Sit uprightt in any meditatative posture
  • Spread out the of both hands over the face. and close the eyes, ears and nose tightly using the foll                                          owing fingers, the forefingers over the eyes, thumbs over the tragus of the ears, middle fingers over the nostrils , ring the little fingers over the lips thus closing all the orifices in the face.
  • open altternate nostrils by removing only the middle fingers 
  • yoga shanmukhi mudra .This mudra is very use ful in taking the mind meditation. it cuts off all external motive coming from the four special senses that is illusion , hearing, smell in meditation by following the fine internal sound of the breath along with a mantra. 
  • Useful in persons endure from tension headches.

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