Monday, April 9, 2012



  • yogacinmayamudra is sitcomfortable sitting position, with the needle upright. Place . Fingers and thumbs together and extend the other 3 fingers out. Turn the palms.Upwards, and rest the backs of the hands onto the knees or thighs. in yoga cinmaya mudrasClose the eyes and breathe naturally, through the nose. Try to maintain consciousness of each. Breath moving into and out of the nostrils for two or three minutes.

  • yoga cinmaya mudra Benefits.

  • yoga Cin mudras opens the lower lobes of the lungs, and motivate apian vatu, the prana  This moves down, from the navel to the perineum. In physical terms it is in charge of The elimination of the body’s waste and toxins. In more subtle terms, it is in charge of Letting go.

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