Friday, April 6, 2012



on the supine keeping the legs together  and stretch the hands straight above the head area that is, from toes to head, the whole body in a straight rule.
yoga sarvangasana.
  • Lift both the legs together up to 43 degrees from the ground.
  • More lift the legs up to 89 degrees and location the hands by the side of the body.
yoga sarvangasana
  • Lift further , the botto and the trunk taking the support of the arms and the elbows by firmly placing the elbows on the ground and support the back with both the palms. keep the legs side by side to the ground.
yoga sarvangasana
  • Keep the trunk and legs in a straight rule by supporting the trunk on the shoulders. Keep the head on the floor.
  • Return to point one
  • Benefits of Sarvangasana
    • Maintains healthy thyroid and thereby general health.beneficially influences and tones up the pelvic organs.brain gets rich supply of blood. 
  • yoga sarvangasana
    • Good in thandle ailments.
    • varicose veins, piles, hernia, faulty thyroid Good for concentration and balance of mind
    • Breathing
    Breathe at whatever time you bend downwards andbbreathe in air while coming up. normal breathing in the final position.

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