Sunday, April 8, 2012



means halves and wheel, means our body in the phose look like a half wheel.

Yoga technic for practice

 Stand upright in a straight line keeping the heels together and toes a little apart grow the chest and drop the shoulders to a relaxed position . keep the neck straight . fingers together, facing downwards and palms stretched along the thighs by the sides relaxed face.
yoga ardhacakarasana.
  • Support the back at the waist by the palms, while breathe out.
  • Bent backwards from the lumber area, Neck bents backwards, stretching the muscles of the neck. breathe in air while bending. breath normally.
  • Come back to vertical position, keeping the support at the back at the waist by the palms breathe out.
  • Benefits of ardachakrasana yoga
  • Builds up feeling of balance and a feeling of confidence.
  • Tones up the dorsal Muscles, calves and lumbo sacral area , improves blood flow to chest and neck area .bendable of the needle is maintained.
good in  handle asthama and low back pain relaxes cramps in thighs and calves.
     Breathe the out at whatever time you bend downwards and breathe in air while coming up

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