Saturday, April 7, 2012


Halasana yoga

Halasana means make your way laborisouly, in the final position of the posture, the body looks as a powl.
Halasana yoga technics
Lay down in the needle position keeping the legs together and stretch the hands straught above the head area that is from toes to head, the whole body in a straight
Lift both the legs up to 40 degrees from the ground.
Further lift the legs up to 85 degrees and place the hands by side of the body
Lift further bottem and the trunk taking the support of the arms of the elbows on the ground and support back with both the palms keep the legs side by side to the ground.
Bend more and touch the toes on the ground above the head and stretch the anckle. 

Benefits of halasana yoga
Activates, heated,lightens the psyco and psycholigical system
good  for dypesya constipation due to weak organ muscles.
The back muscles , vertebrae, and  lumber nerves are tretched and kept healthy. flexes and enlivens organs muscles. neck area receives plenty of blood supply and the nerves are toned up , also blood supply to chest increase , helps to maintain healthy thyroid. elasticity of needle
Breathe out at whatever time you bend downwards and breathe in air while coming up . normal  breathing in the final position.

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  1. Nice way of presenting the blog with the keen info on the Halasana which seems to be good for health, Thank you.