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Matsyasana yoga means looks like a fish,those who can capture this position can flot long time in water like a fish.

Matsyasana technics

Lay down on the supine keeping the legs together and hands above the head area that is , from toes to head the whole body in a straight rule.

  • Bent the right leg and keep the right foot on the left thigh.

  • Bent the leg then keep the left foot on the right thigh, thus assuming padmasana.

  • Location the palms on the floor above the shoulders, on either side of the head, fingers pointing to the shoulders.

  • then force the palms on the floor , heft the head neck and back off the floor, keep the centre of the crown of the head on the floor by bent the crown of the head on the floor by bending the dorsal and cervical sneedle backwards. Remove the hands and hook the big toes with the forefinger.

  • untie the palms then location them on the floor above the shoulders that is third pint.

  • force the palms and remove the centre of the crown of the head on the floor , then keep it properly on the floor.

  • unfold the left leg .

  • unfold the right leg, come back to the first point.

  • Benefits of matsyasana yoga

    • Very good for diabetes, asthma and people threatened with other lung diseases.
    • Body and mind become very light, agile, fresh and relaxed.
    • Patients of hypertension and cervical spontaneity should avoid.

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