Monday, April 9, 2012



  • yogacinmayamudra is sitcomfortable sitting position, with the needle upright. Place . Fingers and thumbs together and extend the other 3 fingers out. Turn the palms.Upwards, and rest the backs of the hands onto the knees or thighs. in yoga cinmaya mudrasClose the eyes and breathe naturally, through the nose. Try to maintain consciousness of each. Breath moving into and out of the nostrils for two or three minutes.

  • yoga cinmaya mudra Benefits.

  • yoga Cin mudras opens the lower lobes of the lungs, and motivate apian vatu, the prana  This moves down, from the navel to the perineum. In physical terms it is in charge of The elimination of the body’s waste and toxins. In more subtle terms, it is in charge of Letting go.


    • yoga mudra is. Sit in padmasana , catch hold of the right wrist by left hand bent the back.
    • turn forward and touch the floor by the forehead . return
    • yoga mudra can also be performed by putting the palms in between the heel and the abdominal wall, before bent forward.
    • yoga mudra benefits

    • yoga mudras This remedy the diseases of the organs and pelvis, tones up the nerves helps in cases of seminal weakness.


    • yoga shanmukhi mudra ,Sit uprightt in any meditatative posture
    • Spread out the of both hands over the face. and close the eyes, ears and nose tightly using the foll                                          owing fingers, the forefingers over the eyes, thumbs over the tragus of the ears, middle fingers over the nostrils , ring the little fingers over the lips thus closing all the orifices in the face.
    • open altternate nostrils by removing only the middle fingers 
    • yoga shanmukhi mudra .This mudra is very use ful in taking the mind meditation. it cuts off all external motive coming from the four special senses that is illusion , hearing, smell in meditation by following the fine internal sound of the breath along with a mantra. 
    • Useful in persons endure from tension headches.

    Sunday, April 8, 2012



    Sit with legs stretched , heels together, palms pressing on the by the side of the bottoms.
    yoga vakrasanam.
    • Bent the right leg at the knee and locate the right foot by the side of the left knee.
    • yoga vakrasanam.
    • Twist the body towards the right side and take the left hand over the right knee and clutch the right big toe. locate the right hand behind the trunk and keep the right palm on the floor and look towards the right side.
    • untie the left hand and keep it by the left side on the floor.
    • Unhold the right leg and keep it by the side of the left leg, that is the main point.
    yoga vakrasanam Benefits:
    • Lateral twist obtained, tones, stretches, the whole needle. Enhances lower back's bendable.Maintain health of the spinal nerves,Massages spleen , liver, pancreas, intestines and bladder. activates the gonads. enhances secretion of pancreatic juice and adrenalin.
    • yoga vakrasanam.
    • Good for constipation, diabetes, kidney prob,
    >Breathe out at whatever time you bend downwards and breathe in air while coming up. normal breathing in the final position.



    means halves and wheel, means our body in the phose look like a half wheel.

    Yoga technic for practice

     Stand upright in a straight line keeping the heels together and toes a little apart grow the chest and drop the shoulders to a relaxed position . keep the neck straight . fingers together, facing downwards and palms stretched along the thighs by the sides relaxed face.
    yoga ardhacakarasana.
    • Support the back at the waist by the palms, while breathe out.
    • Bent backwards from the lumber area, Neck bents backwards, stretching the muscles of the neck. breathe in air while bending. breath normally.
    • Come back to vertical position, keeping the support at the back at the waist by the palms breathe out.
    • Benefits of ardachakrasana yoga
    • Builds up feeling of balance and a feeling of confidence.
    • Tones up the dorsal Muscles, calves and lumbo sacral area , improves blood flow to chest and neck area .bendable of the needle is maintained.
    good in  handle asthama and low back pain relaxes cramps in thighs and calves.
         Breathe the out at whatever time you bend downwards and breathe in air while coming up



    Means name of the call tropical grasshopper that devours vegetatian.
    Technics of salabhasana yoga

    Lay down on the prone with the hands above the head keeping straight alongside the head relaxation the palms on the ground, touching the chin on the floor , and legs together , soles facing up. keep the body front toes to head in a straight rule.

  • Make the fists and location it under the root of the thigh.

  • lift both the legs together up from the waist.

  • back to point one.

  • Benefits of salabhasana yoga

    • Helpful in combating constipation, gastritis, diabetes and lumbago.
    yoga salabhasana
    • Body becomes light, agaile and active and helps in feeling control.
      breathe out at whatever time you bend downwards and breathe in air while coming up . normal breathing in the final position.



      CHAKRA  Means wheel asana means the position we practice,the final position of our body will be in that position just like wheel.

      Technicque of chakrasanas
      lay down on the supine keeping the legs together and stretching the hands straight above the head area that is , from toes to head the whole body in a straight rule.

    • Bend the knees and place the heels closest to the bottom. place your palmes by the ide of the respective ears by bent the elbows.

    • heft the body up above the ground and balance on the palms and feet.

    • Slowly return to the first position.

    • BENEFITS of chakrasana

    • A feeling of lightness and freshness is  awaken.

    • Builds strong biceps , calves and a bendable back. and motivate the nerves of the needle , one of the powerful back bending postures

    • Breath out at whatever time you bend downwards and breathe in air while coming up . normal breathing in the final position

    • clear the respiratory track



      Padmasan means a lotus flower
      1.Keep the right foot on the left thigh.2.Start bouncing the right knee, if the bouncing knee easily touches the floor, then bend the left knee, take hold of the left foot with both hands gently glide it over the crossed right leg and place, it on the right thigh.
      yoga padmasanam
      3. This will give to symmetrical placements of the legs and you are in lotus position.
      4.The hands should be kept on the knees with palms open, and the thumb and second finger of each hand should touch forming a round

      1.This is on extremely good pose for meditation and concentration.
      2.It has a calming effect on the mind and the nerves.
      yoga padmasanam
      3. This pose keeps the spine upright.
      4.helps develop a good posture.
      5. Helps keep the joints in flexible condition.

      Saturday, April 7, 2012


      Halasana yoga

      Halasana means make your way laborisouly, in the final position of the posture, the body looks as a powl.
      Halasana yoga technics
      Lay down in the needle position keeping the legs together and stretch the hands straught above the head area that is from toes to head, the whole body in a straight
      Lift both the legs up to 40 degrees from the ground.
      Further lift the legs up to 85 degrees and place the hands by side of the body
      Lift further bottem and the trunk taking the support of the arms of the elbows on the ground and support back with both the palms keep the legs side by side to the ground.
      Bend more and touch the toes on the ground above the head and stretch the anckle. 

      Benefits of halasana yoga
      Activates, heated,lightens the psyco and psycholigical system
      good  for dypesya constipation due to weak organ muscles.
      The back muscles , vertebrae, and  lumber nerves are tretched and kept healthy. flexes and enlivens organs muscles. neck area receives plenty of blood supply and the nerves are toned up , also blood supply to chest increase , helps to maintain healthy thyroid. elasticity of needle
      Breathe out at whatever time you bend downwards and breathe in air while coming up . normal  breathing in the final position.



      Matsyasana yoga means looks like a fish,those who can capture this position can flot long time in water like a fish.

      Matsyasana technics

      Lay down on the supine keeping the legs together and hands above the head area that is , from toes to head the whole body in a straight rule.

    • Bent the right leg and keep the right foot on the left thigh.

    • Bent the leg then keep the left foot on the right thigh, thus assuming padmasana.

    • Location the palms on the floor above the shoulders, on either side of the head, fingers pointing to the shoulders.

    • then force the palms on the floor , heft the head neck and back off the floor, keep the centre of the crown of the head on the floor by bent the crown of the head on the floor by bending the dorsal and cervical sneedle backwards. Remove the hands and hook the big toes with the forefinger.

    • untie the palms then location them on the floor above the shoulders that is third pint.

    • force the palms and remove the centre of the crown of the head on the floor , then keep it properly on the floor.

    • unfold the left leg .

    • unfold the right leg, come back to the first point.

    • Benefits of matsyasana yoga

      • Very good for diabetes, asthma and people threatened with other lung diseases.
      • Body and mind become very light, agile, fresh and relaxed.
      • Patients of hypertension and cervical spontaneity should avoid.