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Means name of the call tropical grasshopper that devours vegetatian.
Technics of salabhasana yoga

Lay down on the prone with the hands above the head keeping straight alongside the head relaxation the palms on the ground, touching the chin on the floor , and legs together , soles facing up. keep the body front toes to head in a straight rule.

  • Make the fists and location it under the root of the thigh.

  • lift both the legs together up from the waist.

  • back to point one.

  • Benefits of salabhasana yoga

    • Helpful in combating constipation, gastritis, diabetes and lumbago.
    yoga salabhasana
    • Body becomes light, agaile and active and helps in feeling control.
      breathe out at whatever time you bend downwards and breathe in air while coming up . normal breathing in the final position.

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