Thursday, April 5, 2012



means a line of people walking in pairs, the bodylooks like a crocodile.

yoga makarasanam Technic:
>>Lay down on the prone with the hands above the head keeping straight alongside the head resting the palms on the ground, touching the chin on the floor, and legs together soles facing up. keep the body from toes to head in a straight rule.
yoga makarasanam.
  • Spread the legs apart, heels facing each other, toes facing outsidewards.
  • Layer the right hand and locate the right palm on the left shoulder. Then similarly keep the left palm on the right shoulder. keep the chin on the point where the to arms cross.
yoga makarasanam.
  • Remove the left palm and reveal the left hand, similarly the right palm and han and come back to point one.
  • fetch the legs together that is, come back to the main point.
yoga makarasanam Benefits:
  • tensions like hypertension, insomnia.
  • Is gives relaxation to the whole body. 
> normal breathing in the final position.

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