Friday, April 6, 2012



Sasanakasana yoga technics :  Sit up right with legs moon, it is also beleived that origanaly the name sasankasana. in the final position of the asana the body reasembles a crecent moon or sasank
 slowely bend the right leg and keep the heel tight under the bottom
 bring the left leg under the left bottom.keep  the knees close to each other,needle   upright, the head, shoulders,and the bottom in a vertical position, rest the palm on the higher part of the thighs or covering the knees.
 Clutch the right hand with left palm supporting with back.
 Bend forward with wist  , rest the fore head on the floor in front of the knees.
 Slowely lift the head and chest up.
 untigh the hands and keep the palm on the thighs.
 Unfold the left leg and keep it streight.
 Revele the right leg and keep it streight.
 Benefits with Sasakasana yoga

  • Improves blood circulation to all  organs. Vitalizes pelvis and nerves of the lower bacj. . Helps in seminal weakness.

  • The circle becomes cool and mind relaxed.

  • whole body gets relaxed and the sensitivity can be felt throughout. 

  • Breathing   Breathe out at whatever time you bend downwards and breathe in air while coming up. normal breathing in the final position.

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