Sunday, April 8, 2012



CHAKRA  Means wheel asana means the position we practice,the final position of our body will be in that position just like wheel.

Technicque of chakrasanas
lay down on the supine keeping the legs together and stretching the hands straight above the head area that is , from toes to head the whole body in a straight rule.

  • Bend the knees and place the heels closest to the bottom. place your palmes by the ide of the respective ears by bent the elbows.

  • heft the body up above the ground and balance on the palms and feet.

  • Slowly return to the first position.

  • BENEFITS of chakrasana

  • A feeling of lightness and freshness is  awaken.

  • Builds strong biceps , calves and a bendable back. and motivate the nerves of the needle , one of the powerful back bending postures

  • Breath out at whatever time you bend downwards and breathe in air while coming up . normal breathing in the final position

  • clear the respiratory track

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