Tuesday, April 3, 2012



Sir upright with legs stretched heels together, palms pressing on the floor by the side of the bottoms.
yoga vajrasana.
  • Fold the right leg at the knee and locate the heel under the right bottom.
yoga vajrasana.
  • Fold the left leg at the knee and locate the hell under the left bottom. Knees must be together and rest the palms on the higher things . Sit upright in a relaxed state.
yoga vajrasana.
  • gently unfold the left leg and keep it straight.
  • gently unfold the right leg and back to main point
yoga vajrasana Benefits;
  • Loosens the joints and muscles of the legs increases blood circulation to the lower organs area
  • Extremely good for the hypertension, sciatica and gastric intestinal disorders. 
>Slow maintain, deep relaxed organs breathing.

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